History of G28 Series

Original one is a new designated marksman rifle for the German Bundeswehr (Federal Army). The civilian MR308(HK417) was used to develop the G28, has been deployment to the Afghanistan war. Complement the old G3 and G36 series rifles which cannot reach the range and precision.
The semi-automatic G28 designated marksman rifle is chambered for
7.62×51mm NATO, The HK G28 DMR complements the existing infantry weapons performance by providing precise shooting capability outside the range of individual standard assault rifles. The main goal of the G28 DMR are the enemy sniper, enemy grassroots officers, , team support and machine gun shooter, followed by the enemy is within the distance of the technical equipment, including combat vehicles and optical observation equipment.

The German Bundeswehr Long-Range Supporter

All the configuration of G28 DMR is designed for long-range shooting and prepared, with a much longer quad rail system, a modular, collapsible stock, it's own foregrip, a 4" Bipod and scope rings for a scope and a red dot sight. If you're a scout or a sharpshooter in battlefield, this will be your ideal choice.
HK G28 Series is fully licensed by Umarex

No Compromise?

  • HK RAL8000 Coated

  • The HK RAL8000 (green/brown) Tone Coat is UV resistant and weatherable. For different Material and Process of whole gun, the coated surface shows different color tone, become an unique charactertics.
  • G28 Free-Floating Long Sight Radius Quad Rail

  • Full CNC Process With HK RAL8000 tone Mil-spec Hard Anodized Surface Finishing and Full Marking. with a Much Longer Quad Rail System and Standard HK Type Integral Front Sight, and All-weather Adjustment Screw Gap.
  • Barrel Assembly

  • Standard 16" Barrel with G28 Type Steel Flash Hider, and whole Gas Piston Rod Assembly, CNC Mechanic Aluminum HK G28 Barrel Lock, The Gas Adjusting Knob is Workable and Merge with Concealment Hop-Up Quick Adjusting Design.
  • Receiver Assembly

  • All HK RAL8000 Coated surface and Full Marking Receiver and Parts Based on Real HK G28 Rifle, Included G28 Type Safety Switch & Realistic Semi only Icons, Arched Trigger Guard and HK V7 Palm Guarded Pistol Grip.
  • Adjustable Sniper Buttstock

  • With "Over the Beach(OTB)" Capability Drain in the end of Extension Tube. Also The New "Adjustable Sniper Buttstock(ASB)" with Independent Mounting and Height Adjustable Cheek Piece, Stay in Place When Stock use four positions of Retracting.
  • Strengthening Action Parts and Work.

  • For the realistic handling and more durable. VFC not only selects steel materials to use in Fire Control Group, but also uses new mechanical design for it. With High-Speed Buffer Unit makes the high speed and powerful recoil to adjust the shooting precision.

Expectations of Future


VFC G28 DMR GBB rifle will not only give you just a firearm replica, it is a new realm of military collection, the whole gun to reproduce the perfect German precision craft and military technology, whether it is playing with operating or actual shooting or Milsim activities, You can enjoy the VFC G28 different sense of weight and operations.
VFC G28 series long-range precision rifles available in two different power to choose from, with rich and varied accessories, to give you the complete German precision weapons set, whether it is to pursue a stable shooting precision with AEG version, or Enjoy the recoil power of the operating experience with GBB version, VFC G28 series can always meet your imagination!

Specifications and Package Contents

G28 DMR GBBR Deluxe Version

Item No: VF2-LG28-TN02
Over All Inner Barrel Weight Bullet MAG. Capacity Muzzle Speed
970 / 1030 mm 455 mm 13200 g (DX Version) 6mm BB 20 Rounds 120 m/sec
* Caution: Muzzle speed varies for different country regulations.
* Caution: Product for sales in Asia only.
* Caution: The picture display is only for the reference, VFC G28 DX version, does not include straps, silencers, optic scope and red-dot sights.
LR Rifle Gun Case with Sponge(TN)
Hard Case with High Grade Shockproof Foam Pads, 2Layer Thickness Changeable, Fits Most LR Rifles.
Item No: VF9-CAS-SW-TN02
Patented G28 QD Bipod Adapter(TN)
Patented Bipod Adapter Working With Bipod Tightening Knob, NO tools Require.
Item No: VF9-BPD-G28-TN01
H Type 4" Duty Bipod (BK)
Quick detachable, Adjustable and Foldable Mil-Spec Duty Bipod.
Item No: VF9-BPD-M40-BK01
G28 1-1/4" Rail Sling Mount in HK RAL8000 coat
Standard DMR Kit parts of HK G28, Eyelet for carrying sling made with Full CNC Process and HK RAL8000 Anodized.
Item No: VF9-SM-G28-TN01
G28 Scope Mount (TN)
Standard DMR Kit parts of HK G28, Scope Mount with Extra Rail on the Top.
Item No: VF9-MINT-G28-TN01
Micro T1 Sunshade Mount(TN)
Standard DMR Kit parts of HK G28, Scope Mount with Sunshade For Micro T1 Red-Dot Sight.
Item No: VF9-MWS-T1-TN01
HK Standard Rail Cover in HK RAL8000 coat
Soft Rubber Rail Cover Design for HK G28.
Item No: VF9-MWS-FG-TN05
HK417 Cutted Rail Cover in HK RAL8000 coat
Cutted For handguard Rail Screw Active.
Item No: VF9-MWS-HRP-TN02
HK Type Vertical Foregrip in HK RAL8000 coat
HK Assault Vertical Foregrip.
Item No: VF9-MWS-FG-TN05
HK417 20rds Gas Standard Magazine(TN)
HK417 Type 20rds GAS Magazine.
Item No: VF9-MAG-417G20-TN01