HK416 A5 GBBR Key Features

Quick HOP-UP Adjusting System
Modified and tool-less adjustable gas system knob regulator for quick HOP-UP adjusting use.
Improved Bolt Carrier
The bolt assembly of VFC HK416 A5 used long frame steel bolt cam pin design and with the reinforced polymer material bolt head, all have been modified to improve durability and stable.
New Chamber Combination
Re-designed chamber and reload plate and made of reinforced polymer material, made the stable function and durable.
Reinforce valve plunger
Original steel valve plunger with steel frame protection to reduce abrasion.
Realistic Steel Firing Group
All firing control group, Disconnected Set use the steel as material with realistic operating and field striping.
Steel Hammer With Safety Action Position
For the realistic handling and more durable, fire control hammer made by steel and with reserve action gap.
High-speed buffer unit & recoil spring
Build-in Forging Series class weight Increase high-speed buffer unit & recoil spring for VFC HK416 Gen2, try the power of strong recoil!
Overall Receiver Extension
Reinforce extension tube reduce the buffer system abrasion and fault, more durable.
HK416 Type Standard Magazine
Attached 416 standard configuration gas magazine, proven gasification efficiency and fine tuning for gas output and installation and loading, is an indispensable part of the 416 series, VFC HK416 A5 also can directly use the new V-MAG Gas magazine, with high-speed buffer set, bring you more stronger recoil power.