Light Automatic Rifle


The Legendary Right Arm of The "Free World"

Cal.6mm, Gas BlowBack Rifle

The World First LAR GBBR

Manufactured by VegaForceCompany   100% Made in Taiwan

The Legendary Right Arm of The "Free World"

In WWII, the German StG44 assault rifle had made huge progress and left a great impression on other countries around the world. The biggest benefit was its perfect balance between the full-power rifles and submachine guns that had been traditionally used.

After World War II, and with the start of the Cold War, the Soviet Union was quick to grasp the technology from StG44. Theydeveloped a new weapon could be operated effectively by even the most hastily trained soldier. The AK-47 was that weapon, and it became the quintessential assault rifle.

Throughout its lifespan, the AK-47 was constantly improving, with the AKM being the most widely produced version, and used in many countries covered by the "Iron Curtain".

Back in the West, the "Free World" needed an answer to the AK. Western countries were also studying the concept of the assault rifle as a base platform to begin from. And oneof the solutions that came from this was the "Light Automatic Rifle"(LAR), developed in a well knownWestern European firearms factory.

Since its inception, this rifle has been well received in the Western world, and because of this, it has been equipped in many countries around the globe As a main rifle, it was superb for its day, with many considering it the quintessential Cold War-era rifle in the Western countries

In addition, from the 1960s to the 1970s, the LAR was a favorite weapon of Western mercenaries, so it was hailed as "one of the greatest mercenary weapons of the twentieth century" by the American Mercenary magazine.

During the Cold War, the LAR was adopted by many countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) . Eventually, it would serve more than 90 different countries around the world. Over this time, it has spawnedmany improved models and different types, one of which is the British Commonwealth's variant of the LAR that was redesigned from metrical LAR into British imperial units and was produced under license as the L1A1 Self-Loading Rifle.

As the standard equipment of a large number of Western countries (except the United States), the LAR was given the nickname of "The Right Arm of the Free World".

VFC Light Automatic Rifle

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The World First

The LAR is a representative classic rifle of the "Free World" in Cold War. However, until today the LAR rifles on the market have only had the option of an AEG version. In response to the expectations of many GBB system collectors, VFC launched in 2022 the long awaited GBB version that is a combination of their legendary attention to detail and quality combned with realistic operating performance. The result is what we consider the most worthy GBB version of LAR to date!


The Presentation of the LAR's Early Model Details

The early version of the LARis has become iconic in the West, so in staying true to the classic: the design, material, operation simulation, appearance, as well as the all details of the LAR early model have been faithfully reproduced by VFC.


Outstanding Functionality and High-quality Accessories Realism is included

With the mechanically similar operation of a GBBR, powerful recoil, Bolt stop function, dummy bolt and steel fire control configuration; The LAR allows users to enjoy a fun and realistic shooting experience.

But it doesn't stop there..., With lots of high-quality featuresincluding a steel stamped upper, steel carrying handle, enlarged nozzle bolt carrier group, CNC cocking lever and plenty of steel accessories, we are confident both players and collectors both will be excited to posess a product that is both collectible and practical.

Expectations of Future
The Legendary Right Arm of The "Free World"

VFC Light Automatic Rifle

The VFC LAR GBBR incorporatesoptimization of our stable gas system from the 7.62 series GBBR family, upgraded with improved internal components... all while maintaining the accurate structure dimensions, appearance ,details, and balanced handling of the original LAR.
Whether you are planning on shooting at the field, or displaying in your collection, the VFC LAR GBBR will be right at home in either situation!
Also, look forward to future additions to the VFC LAR GBBR family coming soon!