History of M110K1

Likely to Remain a SOCOM-only Rifle - M110K1
M110 SASS(Semi-Automatic Sniper System) is one of the famous arms system for the U.S. military in Global War on Terrorism. Designed to be a standard semi-automatic precision rifle to be used by various branches and special operation forces, the M110 has largely been successful in that role. It has been adopted to many militaries from the Americas to Asia.
While the U.S. Army is replacing the M110 to the H&K's M110A1, U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) is planning to upgrade its M110s with the upper conversion kit called the - M110K1.
Although within the U.S. Army it is a new project(CSASS) for future warfare environment from 2016, but the Special Forces Raiders under the Marine Corps Special Operations Command (MARSOC) are already using the KAC M110K1.
The barrel of the M110K1 is only 16 inches, but its short-barreled 7.62 NATO caliber rifle is still stronger than the 5.56 NATO in terms of range, accuracy and damage. And the short-barreled 7.62 NATO rifle can also be used for CQB environment. "According to" the memory of a Delta team member, he used a 16-inch .308 (referring to SR-25K) in Iraq, and fired a shot indoors. It can shock the enemy and make their ears bleed. Although in 2016 the US Army finally selected HK's G28E as the new M110A1 CSASS, the M110K1 remains active as one of SOCOM's candidate precision rifles in their armory.

No Compromise?

  • Full License Authorized Marking

  • VFC M110K1 is built under authorized by Knight's Armament Company, also have full replica M110K1 Marking Pattern. Make VFC M110K1 looks more realistic and qualify.
  • Military Style Sand Coating

  • Complete the sand coating of the M110K1 as a military version, and all the coating details are not sloppy.
  • New Reinforced Aluminum Upper & Lower Receiver with CNC Post-processed

  • We have collected feedback from users, and especially adopted a new version of the CNC post-processed aluminum upper and lower receiver that has been re-strengthened, which will be more able to withstand the recoil from the rife.
  • According To M110K1

  • Realistic configuration with the receiver with ambidextrous features assemble with lightweight modeling barrel, and KAC SR-25 URX 3.1 13.5" handguard with KAC style folding micro sight Kit, flexible stock and fully authorized markings with all appearance realistic structure detail.
  • Exactly The Same Model

  • The VFC M110K1 is completely realistic in process and material. Not only realistic rebuilt of SASS program upgrade accessories and parts, but also full steel action part include muzzle break, barrel, screw, pin, release button, and sling plate. With the full CNC process aluminum KAC URX 3.1 handguard.
  • Great Fire-Power of VFC's 762 GBBR System

  • The VFC M110K1 has built-in the acclaimed 762 GBBR fire control system. including the Steel Firing Controls and Anti-damage for Hammer to enhance durability, and the bolt is also added Steel Anti-impact Bolt Carrier Reinforcing Block and High Ductility Plastic Nozzle Set to increase durability and firepower.

Expectations of Future

VFC KAC 7.62 GBBR Series

Since the appearance of the Airsoft from SR-25 to M110K1, VFC has almost completely manufactured whole Mil-spec 7.62mm Airsoft GBBR of KAC. If you love the US military version large-caliber rifles, please look forward to more large-caliber rifle-shaped Airsoft gun from VFC in the future!



Item No: VF2-LM110K1-TN01
Over All Inner Barrel Weight Bullet MAG. Capacity Muzzle Speed Material
900 / 980 mm 420 mm 3090 g 5.95mm BB 20 Rounds 110 m/sec Plastic, Metal Alloy
* CAUTION: Force to overload BBs will damage the parts and magazine insert difficulty!
* Caution: Muzzle speed varies for different country regulations.
* Caution: The picture display is only for the reference, Does not include straps, silencers, optic scope and red-dot sights.