MK48 MOD 1 AEG Key Features

VFC positioned the MK48 MOD 1 as the real "lightweight" machine gun, it's not only improve the lightweight features, but also added many unique new interior designs. Players can enjoy the fun of playing, and experience many practical functions.


Aluminum Alloy CNC Lightweight Flash Hider
Lightweight CNC Dummy Gas Block
Adjustable Front Sight
CNC Lightweight Machinegun Folding Bipod
Steel Sling Mount
CNC Full Cutting Aluminum Rail System Forend
Steel Carrying Handling
Steel Barrel Locking Lever
Tripod Front Bushing



Realistic Operation Charging Handle
Steel Charging Handle Dust Cover
Steel Ejection Port Cover
Detachable Dummy Cartridge Belt
Steel Position Latch of the Ammunition Box
Dummy Cartridge Feed Tray Assembly
MK48 Type Trigger and Trigger Guard
Steel Safety Selector
MK48 Type Grip
Adjustable Rear Sight
Top cover integrated MIL-STD-1913 mounting rail for sighting systems
Variable HOP-UP System
Cartridge Belt Supply Motion Simulation System(Premium ver. only)
Openable Receiver Cover Assembly
Built-in 800 Rds. BBs Container
Hidden BB Feeding Port
Lightweight Back Plate
Steel Back Plate Retaining Pin



Highly Ergonomic Polymer Buttstock
Dummy Non-slip Buttplate
Quick Battery Installing Function



Changeable Outter and Inner Barrel
Spring Quick Release Gearbox
Quick Motor Adjustment Function



8000 Rds. Large Capacity Electric Winding Ammunition Box (Premium ver. only)
USGI Marking