MP7® A1 AEG Key Features

Fore-end & Barrel

Steel Flash Hider
Realistic flash hider is made with steel.
MP7® A1 Medium Model Front & Rear Sight
Using the MP7® A1 medium model front & rear sight; you can be sure it will be both reliable and durable when it counts.
Sufficient Battery Storage Space
Remove the front cap of the frame and you can put a 11.1v square battery.
Metal Outer Barrel & Gas Block
Using the metal outer barrel and gas block to increases strength and quality.
Folding Front Grip
The unique built-in folding front grip is fully presented.
Metal Tactical Rail Base
Metal rails (Optional) can be added on both sides to increase the battle performance.



Full Size 1:1 Model
MP7® A1 AEG appearance is the only one AEG of 1:1 scale with the real steel. The frame is using the same high polymer material as real one; you can be sure it will be both lightweight and durable.
Fully Licensed from HK with Marking
Fully licensed marking and with real steel and caliber marking.
Ergonomics Slip-Proof Design Grip
The special shape of the grip makes it easier to operate and has a slip-proof function.
Realistic Safety Switch Icons
The safety switch icons using the same construction method as real one.
Realistic Ambidextrous Safety Switch
The ambidextrous safety switch with plastic wrap molding process, same as the real gun, realistic and durable.
Realistic Ambidextrous Bolt Catch
The ambidextrous bolt catch can acts like the real one, and also can release the last round stopping function when you reload the magazine with full BBs.
Ambidextrous Magazine Catch
The operational positioning of ambidextrous magazine catch is accurate with the both side.
Realistic Charging Handle
Realistic Charging Handle can function like real for HOP-UP adjusting.
Dummy Bolt Plate
Dust cover and dummy bolt plate can make bolt stop by charging handle for HOP-UP adjustment function.
Trigger Safety
Trigger safety design for increased safety in using.
Realistic Steel Screw Sleeve and Pins
The steel screw sleeve wrapping by injection and scroll pins are the same with real one.
Realistic Reinforced Polymer Frame Rear Cap
The reinforced polymer frame rear cap can be durable, strong and tightly coupled with the stock.



VFC New Design Patented Micro-Gearbox
Build-in MOSFET Electric Fire Control System Set, special material reinforce piston, 8mm ultra high speed ball bearing, custom manufacturing high speed gear makes durability increase.
8mm Ultra High Speed Ball Bearing
The 8mm ultra high speed ball bearing makes the gears work more smoothly.
Micro High Torque Motor
The high torque motor is designed to give the best ¡¥grunt¡¦, to offer raw pulling power lot of strength and power for your MP7® A1 AEG
Steel Custom Manufacturing High Speed Gear
The steel custom manufacturing high speed gear makes durability increase and for high power builds.
Individual Spring Change
Quick Release Gear box for individual Spring Change, no need to dismantling anymore!
Special Material 7 teeth Reinforced Piston
The special material 7 teeth reinforced piston increases durability and stability.
Ball Bearing Spring Guide
This spring guide with Ball Bearing is designed to minimize the load for the motor caused by the spring tension, it also increases spring effective and prevents tensions from building up during full auto shooting. It will greatly reduce the amount of wear and tear.
MOSFET Electric Fire Control System
Build-in MOSFET Electric Fire Control System Set, Prevent overheating and short circuit.
The Patented Last Round Stopping Function
This function not only makes the operation more realistic, but also increases the safety of the gun. When you want to continue shooting, you only need to reload the magazine and release the ambidextrous bolt catch again.



Realistic KSK Retractable Stock Assembly
The realistic KSK four positions retractable stock assembly is made by high grade aluminum alloy with CNC process.
Stock Pop-up Function
Release the butt release button have pop-up function like the real steel.
Realistic KSK Buttstock
Made by high strength polymer stock. The overall structure is durable and sturdy.



Hi-cap 110 Rds. Magazine
The realistic appearance with high-capacity and lightweight design, include the last-round stopping function.
Magazine Follower for Last-Round Stopping Function
Through a special design of magazine follower, can be achieved last-round stopping function, it should be pushed back into the magazine when each time load the magazine.