KAC SR-16 E3 MOD2 GBBR Key Features

VFC's engineers spend a lot of time to adjust the shooting precision. You will feel the GBBR should be like. With the powerful performance, the huge sonic boom and strong recoil power will shocking your body and eardrum. You will operating it like a real one.


Steel CNC KAC Style 3-Prong Flash Eliminator
KAC Style 45 Degree Offset Folding Micro Front Sight Kit (For Carbine)
KAC Style 45 Degree Offset Folding Micro Rear Sight Kit (For Carbine)
KAC Style Folding Micro Front Sight(For CQB)
KAC Style Folding Micro Rear Sight(For CQB)
Full CNC KAC URX4 M-LOK Handguard (MAGPUL M-LOK Authorized)



KAC Full License Authorized Marking
SR16 Authorized Marking
KAC Style Enlarge Trigger Guard
Pistol Grip
Steel Forward Assist
Realistic Ambidextrous Magazine Release Assembly
New Design Steel Ambidextrous Bolt Catch
KAC Marking Ambidextrous Selectors Lever
Steel Dust Cover
Actionable Charging Handle Assembly
Steel URX 4 Barrel Nut
New Type QD Receiver End Plate



LMT Type SOPMOD Adjustable Buttstock
One-piece Buttstock Tube



New Patented "GuideHOP" Adjusting Design
KAC Marking Full CNC Steel Bolt Carrier Assembly
New Design Steel Hammer Set
Dummy Gas Block
Steel Firing Controls and Disconnected Set
High-Speed Weight Increase Buffer Unit (Heavy Buffer)



New Type Light-weight 5.56mm GI Style Gas Magazine
Hidden Gas Fill Valve (GI Style Magazine)
Four Built-in QD Sockets for adjust the Position of the Strap

The Fun of Realistic Field Striping

This is a major feature of VFC GBBR series. If you had played the real one, you will be surprised. Each accessory is very delicate and so realistic even the material, almost as real. You can enjoy the internal structure, Only VFC!