Avalon Samurai Edge

Starting From the Soul of Samurai

Samurai; the one of the most powerful warriors in the history of the world. And their weapon, the Katana, has long been known as a powerful tool when wielded in their expertly trained hands. VFC is very proud to launch a newly designed AEG with that same spirit in mind - The Avalon Samurai Edge.
The Samurai Edge was designed from the AR type weapon system, but incorporating lightweight & tactical elements to enhance the platform. Internally, the built-in new DIGITAL FIRING CONTROL SYSTEM allows you to have a more unique shooting experience than ever before. It is the modern realization of one of the most famous weapons in all of history.

This is not just an airsoft weapon… it contains the soul of a warrior of honor.


No Compromise?


  • The included new DIGITAL FIRING CONTROL SYSTEM has been added to ensure sharp trigger response and also to allow for programmable modes of semi, burst and full auto; giving you flexibility for whatever task you plan to undertake.
  • Lightweight New M-LOK Aluminum Alloy Handguard

  • New design 13" M-LOK Aluminum Alloy Handguard makes the user more agile for quick shooting, and enough expansion area for any accessories you can imagine. And with the extra included M-LOK Rail Sections, you can add your legacy accessories as well.

  • The Samurai Edge uses a newly designed AR-like upper & lower receivers with lightweight features and an aggressive styling for the professional tactical shooter.

  • The Samurai Edge comes standard with the VFC QRS enhanced tactical parts, including the QRS pistol grip, newly-designed QD steel flash hider, lightning-shaped match trigger and KAC type sight set… and to cap it off, it also includes a brand new lightweight CNC grooved barrel for easy handling.
  • VFC V2.1 Upgrade Gearbox

  • Build-in special material reinforce piston, 8mm ultra high speed ball bearing, custom manufacturing high speed gear, heat-resistant switch mount and with multiple reinforced internal parts prevent overheat and makes durability increase.

Expectations of Future

Avalon Premium AEG Series

Since the founding of VFC, constantly pursuing new Airsoft products possibilities. This is the first time that VFC has been added the newly developed electronic trigger system with a complete AEG product. You will continue to see the electronic trigger system in Avalon premium AEG products! Stay tuned.


Avalon Samurai Edge (AEG)

Item No: AV1-M4_EDG_M-BK01
Over All Inner Barrel Weight Bullet MAG. Capacity Muzzle Speed Material
828 mm / 910 mm(Stock Extended) 380 mm 2555 g 5.95mm BB 120 Rounds 100 m/sec Plastic, Metal Alloy
* Caution: Muzzle speed varies for different country regulations.
* Caution: The picture display is only for the reference, Does not include straps, silencers, optic scope and red-dot sights.