Samurai Edge AEG Key Features

Digital Firing Control System

Programmable 3-round Burst Mode
Set selection lever in SEMI mode, pull and HOLD the trigger for few seconds, the twice "BEEP" sound will be heard, than in 2nd mode(SAFE - SEMI - BURST). Pull and HOLD the trigger for few seconds again, the triple "BEEP" sound will be heard, than in 3rd mode(SAFE - BURST - AUTO). If you repeat again, system return to default start mode(SAFE - SEMI -AUTO).
Piston Pre-pull by SEMI Mode
Pull the trigger several times in SEMI mode so that piston position will be pre-pull, and improve the precision of shooting.
Piston Reset by AUTO Mode
Before you remove the battery from your AEG, please pull the trigger several times in AUTO mode so that piston position could be reset.
Automatic Detection of the Voltage
The "BEEP" sound will have different modes depending on the battery voltage, triple sound for 11.1V, twice sound for 7.4V.
Low Voltage Alarm
When the battery is about to run out, the triple "BEEP" sound will be heard for alarm.


The ECS GearBox (Ver.2.1)

All reinforced parts included HOP-UP system, new fiber reinforced piston & tappet plate, steel gear set & match grade cylinder, build-in digital firing control system set with piston pre-cocking & firing MOD change function.
Quick Release Gear box for individual Spring Change, no need to dismantling anymore!
8mm Ultra High Speed Ball Bearing
Special Material 7 teeth Reinforced Piston
Highly Tenacity Tappet Plate
Match Grade Lightweight Fabrication Cylinder
Heat-Resistant Switch Mount
Build-in Digital Firing Control System Set
Steel Custom Manufacturing High Speed Gear
CNC Machined Aerodynamics Muzzle
Gen II Hop-up Chamber with MAPLE LEAF Competitive Grade HOP-UP Rubber
MAPLE LEAF Competitive Grade 380mm Inner Precise barrel
Steel Spring Guide


Fore-end & Barrel

Steel QD Flashhider
13" Lightweight Barrel With CNC Groove
Handguard Locating Pin
New Design Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Gas Block
KAC type micro front flip sight
KAC type micro 600M Rear Flip Sight
The New Design Lightweight "M-LOK" Authorized Specification Handguard with Build-in QD Sling Mount



New Design Full CNC Aluminum Alloy Lightweight Upper & Lower Receiver
Independent Serial Number
Steel Dust Cover
Working Dust Cover and Dummy Bolt Plate
Steel Forward Assist
QRS AR Retractable Stock with Increased Battery Space
CNC Aluminum Lightweight Barrel Nut
Steel Stock Lock Nut


Firing Control

Ambidextrous Enlarged Magazine Release
Ambidextrous Enlarged Magazine Release
Ambidextrous Safety Level
Ambidextrous Safety Level
Workable Extended Charging Handle
M4 Flashing Straight Trigger
Oversized Trigger Guard
QRS Conformal Rear grip with anti-skid textured surface