HK USP Gas Pistol Key Features

Full Size USP 9mm
First full size USP 9mm model Airsoft Gas Blow-Back pistol for all professional players!
Fully Authorized Markings And Manufacture
All engrave and manufacture details, make your weapon more realistic and unique!
Polygonal Rifling Muzzle Bushing
Rebuild the HK proprietary Polygonal rifling muzzle bushing.
Reinforced Chamber Set
Base on real gun design, The chamber set combined barrel and recoil spring guide rod, made parts assembled more precision and stable, every shot were be perfect!
Steel Manufacture Recoil Spring Guide Rod
Recoil spring guide rod made by steel with more durable and reliable, don't need to worry about the damages of parts.
Finest Slide build
All slide measurement and surface process and color base on real.
Functional Slide Structure
Set the contoured and radiused slide with grasping grooves, and fore muzzle chamfer design for the holster motion.
Low Profile Drift 3-Dot Sights
HK USP type metal adjustable 3-Dot Sight, make the best sight view for shooting.
Independent Extractor Parts
More realistic Independent extractor parts.
Integral HK Type Rail
Molded into the polymer frame for mounting any accessories fits HK standard(Adapter could be needed).
Ergonomic Grip Profiles
In accordance with the original radiused girp design, comfortable and reliable, and complete reproduction of the anti-Skid Textured Surface and diamond stop piece.
Grip Arc-Shaped Groove
an arc-shaped groove is provided on both sides of the bottom to grip, for the installation and removal of the magazine.
Increase Trigger Guard
Increase trigger guard for use with gloves and cold weather clothing.
Realistic Slide Release
Functional release level with realistic appearance, enjoy the action and motion.
Ambidextrous Enlarged Magazine Release
HK pistol series release button design, installed in the bottom of the trigger guard, left and right hand can be controlled.
Full Functional Safety Level
An improved safety control lever, made with plastic covered steel axis, a combination functional of safety and de-cocking lever.
Conformal Trigger and Realistic Build
The Conformal trigger design is attached to an additional anti-slip texture, and brace point with arc-design, and made with plastic covered steel parts, to ensure strength and accurate control of the firing.
Steel Manufacture Hammer Piece
Same as the real gun build, steel hammer back side covered by a plastic anti-slip block.
Steel Manufacture Trigger Connector
One of the key built-in action components, to strengthen the rate of durability.
Steel Fire Control parts
Original steel fire control parts with better structure design and set up, and these were offer stability sustained fire-power for user.
17mm High-Capacity Cylinder
Better blow-back feedback and shooting experience.
Realistic Detent Plate Engraved
The USP has different number engrave for every model of safety control type at detent plate, all base on real!
Hop-Up Quick Adjusting Set
An included screwdriver can direct adjusting the Hop-Up from the recoil spring sleeve in front of gun muzzle.
Concealed HOP-UP Prompt
Pull the slide back, a HOP-UP adjustment tips marked on the internal frame and show how to direct, for easy reference.
Flat HOP-UP Pressure Plate
Factory original flat HOP-UP pressure plate and long type rubber, for more accurate shooting.
High-Capacity Metal Magazines
Realistic Magazine with all engraved mark and dummy witness holes。