HK VP9 Key Features

Full License Authorized Marking

VFC VP9 is authorized by Umarex, and licensed from Heckler & Koch authorized. We make marking that improve the overall quality, its let VP9 looks more realistic and qualify.

High Quality Steel Parts

The ambidextrous Slide catch release lever made by high quality steel, you could purchase other steel parts(Front sight, Rear sight, Disassembly lever, Extractor) form Crusader Tech to make your VP9 more durable and stronger.

Ergonomic Grip Profile

VFC VP9 has the same Ergonomic grip design as original one. User could use replaceable grip panels to adjust the feel of the weapon to suit individual their hand for optimal shooting. The VFC VP9 includes three changeable backstraps and six side panels— accommodating all hand sizes.

"Light Pull" Trigger

The trigger has a consistent pre-travel pull with a positive wall/crisp break. you have a less than noticeable pre-travel pull until the trigger reaches the engagement point of the fire control parts prior to trigger break. We have perfectly to reproduce the function for you play with realistic handling.

Slide Charging Supports

As the original VP9, the Charging Supports make pulling the slide rearward effortless, and faster as you can.

Actual Effect Loaded-Chamber Indicator

We made the actual effect loaded-chamber indicator for weapon sports. The position can be seen through a hole in the rear of the slide, serving as an indicator of whether the striker is cocked or not.

Realistic disassembly process

As original VP9 disassembly process, VFC VP9 has the same way easy to dismounting. Even though it is only an Airsoft gun , internal structure also looks realistic of the original VP9.

Extended Picatinny MIL-STD-1913 Rail

The extended Picatinny MIL-STD-1913 rail molded into its polymer frame for mounting lights, lasers, aimers, and other accessories. It’s very useful for Tactical Shooting.

Realistic Color Tone Magazine

The original VP9 magazine has a very bright color tone. Our VP9 full replicate of such realistic color presented for you. We let magazine also worth for your collection.

Realistic Handling

Our engineers spend more time adjust the shooting touch, and high precision. We make the VP9 more suitable for tactical shooting, and sport shooting.
The slide releases on both sides of the frame and the magazine release can be easily activated for left- or right-handed shooters can be use.