Colt XM177E2 GBBR Key Features


Steel CNC XM177 Flash Hider
11.5" Outer Barrel
M16A1 Style Front Sight Base(non bayonet mount)
Steel Front Sight
Metal Sling Swivel
CAR-15 Skinny Round Carbine Handguard
Simulation anti-scald heat insulation aluminum sheet
Steel Front Handguard Cap
Dummy Gas Tube
VFC V2 HOP-UP Adjusting Design



Colt Full License Authorized Colt XM177E2 Marking
A1 Type Lower Receiver
Lower Receiver with US DOD Stamp
Carrying Handle Upper Receiver
Steel A1 Type Windage Dial
Early Type Steel Dust Cover
Steel Bolt Catch
Early Type Steel Dummy Forward Assist Knob
A1 Type Grip
Early Yype Charging Handle



CAR-15 Early Model Aluminum Alloy 2 Position Retractable Buttstock
Buttstock Built in Sling Slot
Anti-slip Pattern Butt-Pad
Adjustable CNC One-piece Two Position Stock Tube
Steel Receiver End Plate
Early Type Steel Castle Nut



New Version Realistic Bolt Carrier Group
Steel bolt cam pin
Steel Disconnected Set
New Design "Non-cut lever" Steel Hammer Set
Improved New Design V3 Firing Pin Parts
New Setting Buffer Spring
High-Speed Weight Increase Buffer Unit (Heavy Buffer)
Steel Buffer Stop



New 20Rd Gas Magazine
New Design Bolt Stop Latch with Dry Fire Function
Hidden Gas Fill Valve
Colt Full License Authorized Magazine Base Plate