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VF9-SS-M4KAC-01 [*]
  KAC type M4 / M16 QDSS-NT4 Suppressor
  With QD Flash Hider
QDSS-NT4 Suppressor is specially designed for US SOCOM M4 by KAC with QD function. The new version retainer was located in left hand side for earlier attach / detach.
VF9-SS-OHG-14 [*]
  KAC type Mk23 .45 cal. OHG Suppressor
  For AEG
Special design for HK Mk23 offensive handgun from KAC, wet technology can meet the special operation suppress requirement, also suit for most AEG.
VF9-SS-OPS/12TH-01 [*]
  OPS type 12th Model SPR MBS
  Special design for 5.56mm precision shooting. With patented muzzle brake, it could reduces sound, recoil and shock effectively.
VF9-SS-OPS/3rd-01 [*]
  OPS type 3rd Model M4 MBS
  Direct attach into barrel and fix with barrel fitting which in front of front sight assembly. Could reduce total length when suppressor put on.
VF9-SS-PBS4-01 [*]
  Russia PBS-4 Suppressor
  PBS-4 is specially designed for AKS-74U assault rifle. Compact size not only let AKS-74U Keeping agile and quite in operation.
VF9-SS-PDW-01 [*]
  KAC type QDSS-NT3 Suppressor
  (For PDW)
VF9-SS-USPC-14 [*]
  KAC type USPC Suppressor
VF9-SS-MK16-BK01 [*]
  AAC type MK16 Quick Detachable 5.56mm Silencer with Flash Hider
  With Flash Hider
VF9-SS-MK17-01 [*]
  AAC type MK17 Quick Detachable 7.62mm Silencer
  With Flash Hider
VF9-SS-MK17-02 [*]
  AAC type MK17 Quick Detachable 7.62mm Silencer
  Without Flash Hider
VF9-SS-MP7-02 [*]
  MP7 Type Suppressor
  for KSC MP7 used.
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