History of SR-25 ECC

The Knight’s SR-25 Enhanced Combat Carbine
The global war on terror had make weapons evolution, in SR-25, from highly specialized weapons systems into more versatile tool. The SR-25 Enhanced Combat Carbine (ECC) is born from combat experiences. It is the latest evolution of Stoner’s AR-10 design and maintaining the core elements of the Stoner design.
The war experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan established that such traditional bolt-action sniper rifles didn’t work well when soldiers had to patrol through complex environments like city or mountain to reach a target in building, and the sniper may have to fight in different firing position in far or near distance. In such a situation bolt-action sniper rifle has given way to the precision semi-auto rifle.
The core of the ECC is a 16-inch barrel with flexible stock. What makes the ECC’s barrel so striking and unique, though, are the ball mill cuts that cover the entire surface. These cuts work like fluting, reducing the weight of the barrel as well as providing increased surface area to dissipate heat. This kind of core design allows the SR-25 ECC become a more flexible and versatile precision rifle.

No Compromise?

  • Full License Authorized Marking

  • VFC SR-25 ECC is built under authorized by Knight's Armament Company, also have full replica SR-25 ECC Marking Pattern. Make VFC SR-25 ECC looks more realistic and qualify.
  • According To SR-25 ECC

  • Realistic configuration with the receiver with ambidextrous features assemble with lightweight modeling barrel, and KAC SR-25 URX 3.1 13.5" handguard with 45 degree offset folding micro sight Kit, flexible stock and fully authorized markings with all appearance realistic structure detail.
  • Exactly The Same Model

  • The VFC SR25 ECC is completely realistic in process and material. Not only realistic rebuilt of SASS program upgrade accessories and parts, but also full steel action part include muzzle break, barrel, screw, pin, release button, and sling plate. With the full CNC process aluminum KAC URX 3.1 handguard.
  • More Fire-Power

  • The VFC SR25 ECC is upgraded for the fire control system. including the Steel Firing Controls and Anti-damage for Hammer to enhance durability, and the bolt is also added Steel Anti-impact Bolt Carrier Reinforcing Block and High Ductility Plastic Nozzle Set to increase durability.

Expectations of Future

VFC KAC 7.62 GBBR Series

Since the appearance of the SR-25 and SR-25 ECC, the 7.62mm semi-automatic long-range rifle which VFC will continue to manufacture the whole Mil-spec 7.62mm GBBR of KAC. Together we look forward to the next generation of new sniper rifles of VFC - The M110 SASS!



Item No: VF2-LSR-25 ECC-BK01
Over All Inner Barrel Weight Bullet MAG. Capacity Muzzle Speed Material
900 / 980 mm 420 mm 3090 g 5.95mm BB 20 Rounds 110 m/sec Plastic, Metal Alloy
* Caution: Muzzle speed varies for different country regulations.
* Caution: The picture display is only for the reference, Does not include straps, silencers, optic scope and red-dot sights.