Avalon Calibur II PDW Features



Independent Serial Number
Ambidextrous Enlarged Magazine Release
Ambidextrous Safety Level
QRS Finger Rest for Trigger Guard
New Design Trumpet-like Shape Muzzle Booster
5" Compact Barrel
The New Design 6.5" Compact "M-LOK" Authorized Specification Handguard
416 Type Handguard Rail and Upper Receiver Rail Positioning Engagement
QRS Pop-up Retractable Stock with Extended Cover for increased Battery Space
QRS Conformal Rear grip with anti-skid textured surface
M4 Flashing Straight Trigger
Workable Extended Charging Handle
Working Dust Cover and Dummy Bolt Plate
Steel Forward Assist
Lightweight Plastic Dust Cover
QRS 120rds Silent Mid-Cap Magazine



The ECS GearBox (Ver.2.1)
All reinforced parts included HOP-UP system, new fiber reinforced piston & tappet plate, steel gear set & match grade cylinder, build-in MOSFET Electric Fire Control System Set.
Quick Release Gear box for individual Spring Change, no need to dismantling anymore!
8mm Ultra High Speed Ball Bearing
Special Material 7 teeth Reinforced Piston
Highly Tenacity Tappet Plate
Match Grade Lightweight Fabrication Cylinder
Heat-Resistant Switch Mount
Build-in MOSFET Electric Fire Control System Set
Steel Custom Manufacturing High Speed Gear
CNC Machined Aerodynamics Muzzle
Steel Spring Guide
Gen II Hop-up Chamber with MAPLE LEAF Competitive Grade HOP-UP Rubber
MAPLE LEAF Competitive Grade Inner Precise barrel