History of Colt M16A1

Iconic Weapon of the U.S. Army in Vietnam War

The M16A1 rifle is an iconic firearm with the rich history, known for its service during the Vietnam War and beyond. This lightweight, gas-operated, air-cooled, and magazine-fed rifle played a pivotal role in the evolution of modern military small arms. The story of the M16A1 begins in the 1950s and extends through several decades of service.

The Developmentr

The M16A1's origins can be traced back to the late 1950s when the United States Army sought a replacement for the M1 Garand rifle and the M14 rifle, which were chambered in the .30-06 Springfield and 7.62x51mm NATO calibers, respectively. The new rifle was intended to use the smaller, high-velocity 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge, which offered reduced recoil and the ability to carry more ammunition.


Eugene Stoner, an American firearms designer, played a significant role in the development of the M16, which was originally designed as the Armalite AR-15. The AR-15's design featured a direct-impingement gas system, which differed from the piston-driven systems of older rifles. The lightweight materials and innovative design made the AR-15 a promising candidate for military use.

Early Service

In 1962, the U.S. Air Force adopted the AR-15 as the M16 rifle. Shortly afterward, the U.S. Army also adopted it, designating it as the XM16E1. The rifle went through several improvements and refinements, and by 1967, the M16A1 was officially standardized as the U.S. Army's primary infantry rifle.


The M16A1 featured a 20-inch barrel, a forward-assist to ensure proper bolt closure, and a flash suppressor. It was capable of both semi-automatic and fully automatic fire modes, enhancing its versatility in combat. One of its defining characteristics was the ability to use a detachable magazine, initially holding 20 rounds but later increasing to 30 rounds.

Vietnam War

The M16A1's most significant period of service was during the Vietnam War. It became the standard issue rifle for American troops, replacing the M14. Its lightweight design and 5.56mm ammunition offered a significant advantage in the dense jungles and close-quarters combat of Vietnam. However, the rifle also faced early challenges due to issues like inadequate cleaning kits and the use of non-chrome-lined barrels, which caused problems in the humid and dirty conditions of Vietnam.


Despite these issues, the M16A1 proved its worth in the hands of skilled soldiers and went on to become an iconic symbol of the conflict. It was during this era that the rifle garnered its reputation for both praise and criticism, but it continued to serve as the primary infantry weapon for U.S. military.

The Legacy

After the Vietnam War, the M16A1 went through several improvements and iterations, leading to the development of the M16A2, which featured notable changes like a heavier barrel and a burst fire mode. The M16A2 was adopted in the 1980s and served as the standard issue rifle for the U.S. military for many years.


The M16A1's design influenced the development of civilian variants such as the AR-15, which became one of the most popular semi-automatic rifles in the United States. The M16A1's design elements have also had a lasting impact on the development of modern military firearms. Its contributions to the development of military small arms and its iconic status in American firearms history make it a significant chapter in the story of modern warfare.

No Compromise?


  • Details Of The Vietnam War Version M16A1 Are Fully Presented

  • The styling is taken from the Colt M16A1 in the Vietnam War. It includes the "birdcage" flash hider, the 16-inch outer barrel, M16 style front sight, classic M16A1 type nylon handguard, classic M16 type lower receiver, carrying handle upper receiver, early-type dummy forward assist knob, bolt carrier group and etc... plus the lower receiver with a fully authorized Colt marking and US DOD Stamp, all the appearance details of the Colt M16A1 are integrated in one place.
  • Cybergun Full License Authorized Production

  • VFC Colt M16A1 GBBR is built under authorized by Cybergun, with fully authorized markings. Reproduce the M16A1 in Vietnam War, including details and engravings are complete and exquisite.
  • Improved V3 Lower Receiver Internal Structure

  • The GBBR is not only directly put into the new design "Non-cut lever" Steel Hammer Set, but also improve the structure of the lower receiver, increase the fitting depth, and the structure of the firing pin base parts is greatly simplified, making the valve knocking action more stable, the durability of the parts is effectively improved, and the maintenance will be easier.(This new lower receiver can be directly assembled with previous VFC M4 GBBR upper receiver.)
  • Improved Internal Structure Improve Performance In One Piece

  • The VFC M16A1 GBBR this time has not only got the authorization from Colt, but also insert all update mechanism of VFC AR GBB system into it at one time, including the new improved Lower Receiver Internal structure, the improvement of the firing pin design and newly designed "Non-cut lever" steel hammer set, this time added a new setting buffer spring, with our new design gas magazine, it will definitely improve the overall performance of the M16A1!

Expectations of Future

The the classic Vietnam War series

Since VFC has gradually improved the AR GBBR system to the V3 version, it has received generally good feedback from users. This time, we launched the classic Vietnam War series of Airsoft, allowing users to simply adjust and use it directly on the Airsoft field, not just for collecting. In the future, VFC will launch more Vietnam War classic Airsoft products, so please look forward to it!


Please refer to the instruction manual for detailed usage.

Colt M16A1 GBBR

Item No: VF2-LXM16A1-BK01
Inner Barrel
Muzzle Velocity
990 mm
360 mm
2520 g
5.95 mm BBs
6 mm
20 Rounds
110 m/sec
Plastic, Metal

VFC AR-V3 New system features

VFC AR Series GBBR V3 System - Improved Lower Receiver Internal Structure & New Firing Pin Design & Steel "Non-cut lever" Hammer Set & New Design Gas Magazine

Redesign of the internal groove of the AR series GBBR lower receiver.
Built-in steel "Non-cut lever" hammer set for stable function.
The number of parts of the firing pin parts is less than that of the old version, and it is easier to maintain. The old version of the firing pin parts need to be directly installed on the lower receiver. The new firing pin parts is an modular parts, which is more convenient than the old version of installation and replacement.
The new firing pin parts have a deeper installation position for effectively strengthen stability, and the improved lower receiver is equipped with positioning holes, which is not easy to cause installation deviation or skew during operation. Newly designed parts operation stroke, increase the stability when the firing pin is repeatedly operated.
New design V3 gas magazine.
New design bolt stop latch with non-BBs fire function, there are 20-round and 30-round gas magazines to choose from.

Optional Accessories of VFC Colt M16A1 GBBR

Each accessory is different according to the laws of each country or region. please contact your local dealer to confirm the content of the items.

Colt XM148 Airsoft Grenade Launche
XM148 Proguct website
M4 GBB 20rds Gas Magazine V3 (grey)
M4 GBB 30rds Gas Magazine V3 (grey)
40mm Standard Airsoft Grenade Cartridge
6mm BB Shower Shell
40mm Rubber Grenade Cap

Warning and Caution

* Caution: This is NOT a Toy.
* Caution: ALWAYS wear eye protective gear.
* Caution: ALWAYS keep the gun pointed at the safe direction.
* Caution: ALWAYS assume the gun is loaded.
* Caution: ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
* Caution: ALWAYS know your target and what is beyond it.
* Caution: ALWAYS keep out of reach of children.
* Caution: Muzzle speed varies for different country regulations.
* Caution: The picture display is only for the reference, Does not include straps, silencers, optic scope and red-dot sights.