MP5 K-PDW GBBR Key Features

New MP5 K/ MP5 K-PDW V2 System

New MP5 K-PDW Trigger Group
The new MP5 K-PDW Trigger group appearance fully presents its different shape with other MP5 series. The internal structure also uses the design of the V2 system. Contains "Full Set Quickly replaceable" firing control group with new design disconnect set, hammer and hammer latch. It functions and strips down similar to its real counterpart.
New Design MP5 K-PDW Bolt Group
The new MP5 K-PDW bolt group appearance fully presents its unique shape. The internal structure also uses the design of the V2 system. Contains built-in floating buffer with enhanced nozzle assembly. The bolt carrier combined with steel heavy buffer and two-stage enhanced recoil spring/ steel recoil spring guide rod set.
(The bolt group parts can be compatible with V1 and V2 bolt carrier)
New Chamber Combination
Re-designed chamber and reload plate and made of reinforced polymer material, made the stable function and durable.


Fore-end & Barrel

Realistic Rifling Muzzle
Realistic steel rifling muzzle is one of features of MP5 K-PDW.
MP5 K-PDW Classic Handguard Grip
The classic handguard grip just like the original, it has a 1:1 cutting size and appearance texture compared to the real one..
Classic Front Sight
Using the classic front sight with the steel material of the front sight body; you can be sure it will be both reliable and durable when it counts.
Outer Barrel Base HOP Adjustment swivel
The outer barrel base using the same principle as "Guide-HOP" to make a adjustment swivel for HOP-UP adjust. You could quickly adjust HOP-UP just by remove forearm.
Realistic Cocking Lever & Charging Handle Latch Assembly
Constructed with stamped steel with all the details including the original ribbing and welding spots, and the same as the real MP5 K-PDW, the VFC MP5 K-PDW GBBR uses a steel for charging handle latch assembly, also enhance the durability up.
Detachable Cocking Tube Cap
Detachable Cocking Tube Cap that can be detached like the real one, allows you to more enjoy the fun of disassembly and assembly.
Steel Front Sling Swivel
The steel front sling swivel makes you can treat it like real one.



New Steel Stamping MP5 K Steel Plate Receiver and Welding Process.
The plate receiver of the MP5 A5 is manufactured from stamped steel, with welding process, just like the original; A true reproduction of the classic.
Rail Mount Base with Stamped Marking
1:1 scale upper receiver rail mount, which ensures compatibility with correct size MP5/HK claw mounts and 1913 rail, also have the stamped marking for appearance more realistic.
9X19 Overseas Version Stamped Marking
The mag well with the MP5 overseas version stamped marking of Cal. 9mm x 19, the whole looks more realistic.
Steel Rear Drum Sight
Using the classic drum style rear sight; you can be sure it will be both reliable and durable when it counts.
MP5 K-PDW No-bullet-stop Grip Assembly
With semi-auto function and no-bullet-stop function, This kind of grip is adopted by the U.S. SEAL.
Ambidextrous Selector Lever
Ambidextrous fire selector lever, with no-bullet-stop selector icons to match function settings.



Realistic MP5 K-PDW Side-Folding Synthetic Shoulder Stock Assembly
Reinforced with pins, but still is easily removed without tools when needed; With steel folding butt backplate, clamping lever and built-in HK logo nameplate stock. Internal structure has built-in simulation buffer with the external surface texture and design, all details the same as original one. This is the best MP5 K-PDW stock on the Airsoft market.



New Design MP5 Gas Magazine
This version includes the steel shell body with complete engravings. Inside it uses the new version of the floating gas outlet while still retaining the last-round stopping function. The new design follower is also more durable. This new magazine can give much better gasification efficiency than old version.