Umarex UMP Series Key Features

Full License Authorized
All H&K authorized marking for each caliber and with unique serial number in metal nameplate.
Realistic Caliber Rifling Outer Barrel
Rebuild the rifling bushing and Inner barrel length is not prominent, more realistic! And the UMP .45 ACP with an extra exclusive suppressor could be optional and quick install.
Forward Hand-Stop Sling Plate
The front end of the under rail can be fitted with a set of G36 type hand-stop plate, to ensure that the user is not mistaken touch with the muzzle when firing. And contains the front sling mount function, allowing the user more free with a gun strap.
Overmolding Steel Screw cap
In the mount position of Picatinny Rail, VFC uses reinforced Steel Screw cap to prevent the possible of Thread damage.
Realistic Charging Handle & Mechanism
Perfect handling and processing, steel handle latch with reinforced plastic grip to reduce the operating loss.
Realistic Steel Bolt Catch
Acting and lock of the bolt is the basic operation of shooting, steel bolt catch makes these activities more stable and durable.
Realistic UMP Type Sight
The standard viewing sights are composed of an adjustable aperture rear sight and a front ring with a vertical post.
Double-Sided Fire Selector
Ambidextrous operating controls with select lever, more convenient and intuition!
2-Round Burst
The VFC UMP is available in one trigger group configurations with 4 positions, combinations of semi-automatic, 2-round burst, fully automatic, and safe settings with correspond marking.
Detachable Butt of Grip
Redesigned ergonomic pistol grip with storage compartment for field stripping tools(tools not included).
Realistic UMP Magazine Release
UMP magazine release button covered with an anti-slip groove, designed with other HK system guns the same product, the button is located in the rear of the magazine well, if you are the user of G36 or the MP5 series firearm, could be get started faster.
Realistic Side Folding Stock
UMP series features a right side-folding Nylon-reinforced Polymer buttstock to reduce its length during transport or shooting.
Anti-out Stock Holes
Stick it in the folding butt's holes which is actually designed in the real gun to hold those screw-bolts during field maintenance.
Realistic High strength Shock-absorbing Butt Plate
For stable shooting and rely on, the folding stock frame installs a rubber pad.
UMP Type Gas Magazine
All versions of UMP series feature the same basic design, the most noticeable difference being the curved magazine used on the UMP9, and the UMP45 use a straight magazine.
Realistic Field Striping
This is a major feature of VFC GBB series. Each accessory is very delicate and so realistic even the material, almost as real. You can enjoy the internal structure.
Weight-light Aluminum Alloy Bolt Assembly
The operation is more lightweight and stable, the front of the bolt with a set of screws to reduce wear and tear, only need to be replaced the screws when loss; and in the side of the bolt will correspond to different caliber simulation dedicated engraved!
Realistic Stock Buffer Plate
The combination of the gun body and the backstop of the buffer block design, appearance and demolition are the same with the real gun, made of reinforced plastic material, effectively bear the operation of the bolt carrier collision.
Pistol Spec Double Point HOP-UP Rubber
After testing, VFC UMP series corresponding to the length of the barrel selected modified double-bump HOP-UP rubber, to provide more excellent shooting performance!
Easy Adjustment HOP-UP System
New Patented Concealment Hop-Up Quick Adjusting Design. You can adjusting the Hop-Up directly from the pole of muzzle with a hex wrench. doníŽt need to disassemble!
Realistic Fire Control Group
All firing group use the reinforce material with realistic operating and field striping.