Cybergun Licensed Series GBBR


The legend created by the "Heat"

The World First FNC GBBR

Cal.6mm, Gas Blowback Rifle
Manufactured by VegaForceCompany   100% Made in Taiwan

The legend created by the "Heat"

The FN FNC (Fabrique Nationale Carabine) is a Belgian assault rifle known for its robust design and service with various military and law enforcement units around the world. This rifle, with its versatility and reliability, has left a lasting mark on the firearms industry. Here, we delve into the history of the FN FNC.

The origins of the FN FNC date back to the 1970s when the Belgian arms manufacturer Fabrique Nationale d'Herstal (FN) sought to create a modern and versatile assault rifle for military use. The project aimed to provide a firearm that was both reliable and accurate while utilizing the NATO-standard 5.56x45mm cartridge. The result of this endeavor was the FN FNC, designed by Dieudonné Saive.

Introduced in 1979, the FN FNC represented a significant departure from FN's earlier rifle, the FN FAL. The FNC featured a gas piston operating system with a rotating bolt and offered a variety of configurations for different roles within a military force.

The FN FNC's impact on the firearms industry is notable. It demonstrated the viability of a modular rifle design that could be adapted for different military, law enforcement, and civilian needs. This concept of modularity has since become a prevalent trend in modern firearm development.

The FN FNC also influenced the design of other rifles. The British L85A1, for example, incorporated some elements from the FNC, including the gas piston operating system. Moreover, the FN FNC's design principles have been reflected in subsequent FN rifles, such as the FN SCAR (Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle), which has been adopted by various military units worldwide.

The FNC became famous when it was used by the police used by movie roles in the famous action movie - the


The world first FNC GBBR

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The World First

FNC is a legendary rifle in the development of firearms. And became famous because of his appearance in the movie. However, until today the FNC rifles on the market have only had the option of an AEG version. In response to the expectations of many GBB system collectors, VFC launched in 2024 the long awaited GBBR version that is a combination of their legendary attention to detail and quality combned with realistic operating performance. The result is what we consider the most worthy GBBR version of FNC to date!


The Presentation of the
FNC Details

This FNC GBBR In addition to the design, material, operation simulation, appearance, as well as the all details of the FNC, most of parts are made by steel, which greatly increases the collection and durability.


3 Burst Firing Mode
Improves Completeness

The VFC FNC GBBR added 3 burst firing mode in the internal structure, it not only does it have more flexible firepower options in shooting operations, with our VFC V3 gas magazine, it will definitely improve the overall shooting and operating experience of the FNC GBBR!

Outstanding Functionality and
High-quality Modern Tactical Accessories

With the mechanically FNC operation of a GBBR, powerful recoil, last round stopping function, dummy bolt and steel fire control configuration; The FNC allows users to enjoy a fun and realistic shooting experience. But it doesn’t stop there….With lots of high-quality featuresincluding a steel upper, a lot of steel accessories and optional modern tactical kit, we are confident both players and collectors both will be excited to posess a product that is both collectible and practical.

Tactical Handguard Set (M-Lok)
FNC Short ver. Front Section Kit
FNC Tactical Top Cover 1913 Spec. Rail
FNC Tactical Pistol Adpater
Expectations of Future
The legend created by the "Heat"


The VFC FNC GBBR incorporates optimization of our stable gas blowback system, upgraded with improved internal components… All of while maintaining the accurate structure dimensions, appearance ,details, and balanced handling of the original FNC.

Whether you are planning on shooting at the field, or displaying in your collection, the VFC FNC GBBR will be right at home in either situation!

Also, look forward to the GBB version of more classic firearms from VFC in the future!