Squad Automatic Weapon, 5.56mm, M249
The M249 machine gun was officially named "Squad Automatic Weapon, 5.56mm, M249" in the US military. It is a improved version of the FN minimi light machine gun made by the FN of Belgium. In 1984, it officially became a standard issue machine gun for the US military. It is also the most indispensable firepower support weapon in the infantry squad.
From 1965, the M60 and M2 have become the main machine guns of the US Army and the US Marine Corps, but both have a certain weight and need at least two people to operate effectively. The Bailangning Automatic Rifle (BAR) was also replaced by the M14 rifle in 1957, while other soldiers could only support the firepower with the M16 rifle. Therefore, the U.S. Army hopes to develop a machine gun that only needs a single soldier operation, lighter than M60, and has better firepower than M16 make the soldiers not need to use M16 to make full automatic shooting to fill the firepower.
Since the 1960s, the Army tested some different design machine guns, including the Stoner 63 that entered the actual combat testing. Stoner 63 became a light machine gun of some US marines and SEAL teams during the Vietnam War. However Essence By 1968, the US Army's "Army Small Arms Program" decided to decide to use 5.56 mm for a new light machine gun ammunition, but it was not until July 1970 that the army finally decided to develop a new light machine gun. The new light machine gun is named "Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW)."
When the "SAW" plan started selection, there were three 5.56 mm -caliber -like guns and a 6mm caliber -diameter gun participation, including the Colt M16 with a long -time consecutive shot with a M16 assault rifle
with a heavy gun tube for a long time. HBAR (XM106), FN's FN Minimi (XM249), HK23A1 (XM262) of HK23A1 (XM262), and the 6mm caliber XM235 SAW (XM248). After the request to modify the caliber in April of the year, re -tested the new sample guns with a caliber to 5.56 mm, and decided to use XM249 as a light machine gun for the "SAW" plan in 1980. In September of the same year, the military direction FN It is proposed to comprehensively produce the XM249 contract, and it is officially adopted on February 1, 1982. The U.S. Army was equipped with automatic weapons in 1984, and the US Marine Corps was also officially equipped one year later.
The M249 barrel can quickly replace the machine gunner without a waste of time repair when the barrel failure or overheating. There is a folding bipod in the front of the handguard to facilitate deployment of firepower support. The M249 corresponds to the cartridge belt and magazine supply. When the gunman lacks ammunition and other emergencies, the magazine can be fired from other equipment M16 series or M4 soldiers. Beginning in the Persian Gulf War in 1991, the M249 was found in each U.S. military operation and war, most soldiers were satisfied with their combat performance and accompanied the US military to today.
As the world's first practical mass production M249 GBB machine gun, at the beginning of the development of this product, VFC positioned the M249 GBB is not only the appearance, but also committed to its lightweight design. And through the new GBB system that is separated from "BBs" and "gas supply", allows them to have a stable and powerful supporting firepower in addition to the mobility on the Airsoft field, and the GBB system retains the operating simulation and the field striping simulation features. Make it the M249 GBB with both great appearance and practicality.

Now, All GBB players need "light machine gun" GBB in front of you - The M249 GBB machine gun!


No Compromise?

  • M249 Fully Present

  • VFC from the overall design, material, operation, appearance, as well as the engraving, which are fully reproduced the U.S. Military M249 style.
  • Unprecedented Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Structure Design

  • VFC’s M249 GBB utilizes aluminum alloy for the main structure, which greatly reduces the weight of the whole product. This provides a weight reduction from almost 10 kg (if manufactured using full steel material) to about 4 kg with the VFC aluminum design. Internally, all key components are still made from steel, so durability is retained where it matters most! This design not only reduces the weight, but also maintains the structural strength of the M249 platform.
  • New Designed GBB System

  • The new GBB system design is separated through the "BBs" and "gas supply power". In addition to the dedicated plastic magazine, the gas supply power can be selected as "gas supply magazine" or "gas supply ammo Box "Ensure the power output, allowing you to have more stable and powerful support firepower. In addition, for power pressure adjustment, the new gas pressure degradation valve is updated, for more stable fire output.
  • Easy HOP-UP Adjustment

  • To allow users to directly adjust the HOP-UP on the Airsoft battlefield, we have developed a simpler adjustment method for the HOP-UP. The HOP-UP can be tuned directly on the body of the M249, without having to open the bolt or the receiver cover assembly. You only need a simple 2mm hex wrench to make HOP-UP changes on the fly!
  • Realistic Field Striping

  • VFC M249 GBB machine gun not only has strong firepower, but also retains the operational experience close to the entity as much as possible. Staying true to the field striping design of the real M249, this realistic field striping design is not only just a fun feature, but also more convenient for daily product maintenance.

Expectations of Future

VFC GBB Machine Gun Series GBBR

VFC positioned the M249 as the world first practical mass-produced GBB machine gun, it's not only improve the lightweight features, but also added many unique new designs, especially the new system of BBs supply and gas supply design. Players can enjoy the fun of playing, and experience many practical functions.
Such a cross-era innovation GBB machine gun is definitely worth your own it for your airsoft arsenal. Also related technologies will be applied to more products. Please look forward to more related products in the future!

Special Thanks

Taiwan CQB Club
Action! Airsoft
Jeff the KID
Bruce Movie Special Effect
62 Special Force


Special Thanks: Jeff Du / Judge Hsia


Please refer to the instruction manual for detailed usage.

VFC M249 GBB (ASIA Version)

Item No: VF2-LM249_BK01
Inner Barrel
Muzzle Velocity
1009 mm
360 mm
3800 g(With Mag)
5.95 mm BB
6 mm
100 rds
110 m/sec
Plastic, Metal Alloy

Optional Accessories of VFC M249 GBB

Each accessory is different according to the laws of each country or region, please contact your local dealer to confirm the content of the items.

ฅ(´-ω-`)ฅ ~ Mewo~
Cat Paws Bipod Sheath / Black Cat Ver.
Item No: VF9-APL-CPBS-BK01
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M249 GBB Extend Out Barrel
M249 GBB 175 Rounds BB Magazine(3pcs)
M249 GBB Gas Supply Magazine
M249 GBB Gas Supply Plastic Ammo Box
M249 GBB Gas Supply Cordura Pouch (Camo)
M249 GBB Gas Supply Cordura Pouch(Sand)
M249 GBB Gas Supply Plastic Ammo Module
(For Plastic Ammo Box)
M249 GBB Gas Supply Pouch Module
(For Cordura Pouch)
M249 GBB Front Grip
M249 Rail Handguard Kit
M249 GBB Collapsible Stock Kit
Para Stock Kit (For M249 GBB)
VFC Supreme Precision Grade
Plastic BBs Series

0.20g BB White(1kg Stand Pack)5000R
0.23g BB White(1kg Stand Pack)4350R
0.25g BB White(1kg Stand Pack)4000R
0.28g BB White(1kg Stand Pack)3575R
0.30g BB White(1kg Stand Pack)3575R

0.20g BB White(1kg Stand Pack X 20)
0.23g BB White(1kg Stand Pack X 20)
0.25g BB White(1kg Stand Pack X 20)
0.28g BB White(1kg Stand Pack X 20)
0.30g BB White(1kg Stand Pack X 20)

VFC Supreme Precision Grade
Bio BBs Series

0.20g Bio BB Brown(1kg Stand Pack)5000R
0.23g Bio BB Brown(1kg Stand Pack)4350R
0.25g Bio BB Brown(1kg Stand Pack)4000R
0.28g Bio BB Brown(1kg Stand Pack)3575R
0.30g Bio BB Brown(1kg Stand Pack)3335R
0.32g Bio BB Brown(1kg Stand Pack)3125RR

0.20g Bio BB White(1kg Stand Pack)5000R
0.23g Bio BB White(1kg Stand Pack)4350R
0.25g Bio BB White(1kg Stand Pack)4000R
0.28g Bio BB White(1kg Stand Pack)3575R
0.30g Bio BB White(1kg Stand Pack)3335R
0.32g Bio BB White(1kg Stand Pack)3125R

VFC WhiteArrow BBs Series
0.36g 1680R
VFC WhiteArrow BBs Series
0.40g 1680R
VFC Tracer BBs Series
0.20g 2000R
0.25g 2000R
VGAS High Quality Green Gas

Warning and Caution

* Product for sales in Asia only.

* Caution: This is NOT a Toy.
* Caution: ALWAYS wear eye protective gear.
* Caution: ALWAYS keep the gun pointed at the safe direction.
* Caution: ALWAYS assume the gun is loaded.
* Caution: ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
* Caution: ALWAYS know your target and what is beyond it.
* Caution: ALWAYS keep out of reach of children.
* Caution: Muzzle speed varies for different country regulations.
* Caution: The picture display is only for the reference, Does not include straps, silencers, optic scope and red-dot sights.