VFC M249 GBB Machine Gun Features



Aluminum Alloy CNC Lightweight Flash Hider
Adjustable Front Sight
Aluminum Alloy CNC Lightweight Front Sight Base Assembly
CNC Lightweight Machinegun Folding Bipod (Three- directions/Three-section Length Adjustment)
The Folding Bipod Can Be Completely Stored In Handguard
Tripod Front Bushing
Mounting Point for Vehicle
AMBI Steel QD Sling Mount(Front)
Aluminum Alloy CNC Dummy Tapered Outer Barrel (Simulated Marking / CNC)
Steel Carry Handle
(Three-section Adjustment)
Dummy Gas Tube
Stamped Receiver with Cooling Holes
Steel Carrying Handling Locking Lever
Steel Barrel Locking Lever



Realistic Marking
Simulated Solder Joints
Steel Cocking Channel Cover
Realistic Operation Cocking Handle
Simulated M4 Mag-well
(For M249 Gas Supply Magazine)
Steel Position Latch of the Gas Supply Ammo Box
M249 Style Grip
M249 Type Trigger& Trigger Guard
Steel Safety Selector lever
Top cover integrated MIL-STD-1913 mounting rail for sighting systems
Adjustable Rear Sight
Steel Ejection Port Cover
Openable Receiver Cover Assembly
Detachable Dummy Cartridge Belt
(Cartridge Belt Supply Motion Simulation)
Stamped Back Plate
Steel Back Plate Retaining Pin



M249 Style Fixed Stock
Dummy Non-slip Button plate
Steel Buffer Block (Stock)



Dummy Bolt Carrier
One-piece Loading Nozzle (New Design)
Dummy Gas Tube Piston
Steel Cartridge Belt Lever
Quick Detach Trigger Group
BBs Supply Magazine
(Recommended Capacity 100 Rounds)
New Design BB Loader


New Designed GBB System

The new GBB system design is separated through the "BBs" and "gas supply power". In addition to the dedicated plastic magazine, the gas supply power can be selected as "gas supply magazine" or "gas supply ammo Box "Ensure the power output, allowing you to have more stable and powerful support firepower. In addition, for power pressure adjustment, the new gas pressure degradation valve is updated, for more stable fire output.
Durable Gas Supply Pipe
M4 Style Gas Supply Magazine
Hidden Gas Charging Valve
Gas Supply Ammo Box Available
Gas Supply Soft Pack Available(Camo)
Gas Supply Soft Pack Available(Sand)


Realistic Field Striping

VFC M249 GBB machine gun not only has strong firepower, but also retains the operational experience close to the entity as much as possible. Staying true to the field striping design of the real M249, this realistic field striping design is not only just a fun feature, but also more convenient for daily product maintenance.