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Vega Force Company was founded in 2004, worldwide reputed by its professional on making highly realistic Airsoft replica with custom grade performance of internal mechanical design, which makes end users have better shooting and operating experience. What more than that is every VFC Airsoft products are in the standard of collection grade with strong and nice surface finishing. “Collectors wanted and operators wanted” is the motto for VFC’s products.

The reputation VFC earned is not only from the end users, but also from distributors and license holders around the world. Following OEM experience of a half decade, VFC raises with a professional team, they specialize and execute in project management, inter cultural communication and quality control.

The example for premier products, launched by major distributors, earned a good reputation and market response. It is especially happened in AEG range, it is combined with high end licensed exterior products to achieve and reach the high end Airsoft range. VFC also works with firearms makers via license holder, what turns into is a perfect scale Airsoft replica, all the detail and design are amazing, it is simply reaching for the best.

Recently, VFC devotes itself into developing blow back gas operate Airsoft system with the same idea, and attempt to make it in highly realistic, and simulated firearms operation. And wish it can bring end users a brand new experience and happiness.

10 Years X VFC


There’s an old Chinese saying, “ The decade whets a sword.”, which means time, effort and focus on only one thing, makes it perfect. 2014 is the 10th year for VFC, we are still holding it and stepping to the next decade, never ending pursuit of perfection. That’s the only thing we did focus, we do focus and we will focus.

It’s really grateful for all the support around the world, it’s VFC’s honor that you appreciate our work, which makes us firmly believe this is an absolutely right way, and we will keep following it. VFC would never forget how we grew and carry it on with you to next decade.

For an enterprise, creating profits is the top priority, however, for VFC, we prefer making cool thing, yes, making cool thing. Before the first HK416 hit the market, this is an absolutely cool and advanced combat machine for next generation, “Hey, that’s cool, let’s make it!”, and it happened.

In the next, year, in order to make more and more cool stuffs, we have to manage costs from every details, building a system of production and material control to support VFC’s idea for all time, pursuit the perfection.

Let’s hand to hand, enjoy the happiness from Airsoft.

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